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NAS & IOC Members Day 2024

On 27th March 2024, we were invited to the NAS (National Association of Shopfitters) & IOC (Institute of Carpenters) Members’ Day & AGM. This was held at the amazing Carpenters Hall in the City of London.

The day served as a pivotal gathering where members could connect and exchange ideas. It’s also an effective way for NAS & IOC members to keep updated on industry trends & innovations. This year’s event showcased both industries’ resilience and adaptability in the face of challenging industry conditions. We’d like to thank both the NAS and the IOC for inviting us along to such a successful event!

The success of the Members’ Day owes much to the generous support of sponsors. This included ourselves and Medite Smartply, who we are proud to be UK distributors for. Our colleagues from Medite were also one of the guest speakers during the day. Overall, the event enabled great networking opportunities among members.

Two photos side by side. The first photo shows our stall at the members day. The second photos shows IOC members meeting with students from West Suffolk College.
Left: A photo of our stand at the event. Right: Students from West Suffolk College, some of who are apprentices with Taylor Made Joinery.

Many of the members were additionally keen to hear our updates on Birch Plywood. Some were unaware that Finnish, Polish and Latvian Birch Plywood products still continue to be available within the UK. As a reputable importer, we continue to work proactively to ensure that no products from sanctioned countries enter our supply chain.

We also had engaging conversations about alternatives to Birch Plywood. This includes Poplar Plywood from Panguaneta, which can come with a birch veneer face. There is also the option of other Veneered species, and pre-lacquered plywoods too.


Creating a Dynamic Partnership

The strategic partnership between the NAS and the IOC is starting to stand out as a symbol of innovation. This new collaboration allows the shopfitting and carpentry industries to combine their expertise, resources and networks. Moving forward, this synergistic relationship helps magnify their influence; and ultimately benefits the members of both organisations.

The NAS and IOC logos, shown on a presentation screen within the auditorium at Carpenters Hall.

Together, they pioneer initiatives that advance craftsmanship and uphold industry standards. They also help foster professional development between members. The combined Members’ Day facilitated this exchange of knowledge, best practices, and cutting-edge techniques. This empowers members to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving landscape.

As a unified force they hope to innovate, inspire & elevate standards. We wish both organisations every success with their new collaboration.

National Association of Shopfitters Website | Institute of Carpenters Website

Product Feature: Products for Staging

Here at DHH Panel Products, we stock a wide range of slip-resistant birch plywood that is suitable for staging and events – including products for stage floors, decking, platforms, steps, walkways, tiered-seating, grandstands and marquee flooring.  

When designing stage-decking or arena seating it’s essential to specify the appropriate material; as it will have to support both UDL and concentrated loads. It will also need to provide a level of slip-resistance and be durable enough to withstand exterior conditions.

We stock phenolic film overlaid birch plywood, both of which are perfect for the job; and widely used within the events sector for a range of structural applications. By using a recommended high-quality European Birch plywood – such as Riga Tex or Riga Heska Plus – you can be sure that it has been rigorously tested to ensure consistent quality and performance; and that it meets all EU and International standards.

Both of these products have a durable phenolic-film overlay, and a slip resistant surface; and all edges are sealed with an acrylic resin paint. Other technical properties include:

  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 13986;
  • Birch throughout core for strength and stability (1.45mm cross-banded birch veneers ), with good Impact-resistance;
  • Fully exterior bonded to EN 314-2: Class 3 with thermosetting ECOlogical Resins;
  • Tough, weather-resistant overlay that also has good chemical-resistance;
  • Slip-resistance values of R10 to R13 DIN 51130 (dependant on product);
  • Good strength-to-weight ratio and Screw-holding properties;
  • Good wear-resistance (overlay also bespoke to order for greater wear-resistance);
  • A light weight of 38Kgs (for an 18mm thickness, 1220mm x 2440mm panel), or 32Kgs for a 15mm panel.
  • Fully FSC® and PEFC™ Certified;

Both products are available in a range of colours, including Dark Brown, Silver-Grey, Light Grey and Black. Green and Yellow are additionally available to forward order. The following sizes & thicknesses are available for swift delivery across the UK as part of our ex-stock portfolio:

  • 1220mm x 2440mm: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm
  • 1525mm x 3050mm: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm

Want to know more? Give us a call on 01708 864245, email – or head over to our dedicated Specialist Birch Plywood page for our full range of suitable products.

*Steph Plaster is one of our resident Technical Plywood Experts; and has a wealth of experience and knowledge around using Plywood for advanced applications.

DHH Visit to Latvian Mills

Recently, some members of our team had the opportunity to visit Birch Plywood mills in Latvia. Both DHH Panel products and our sister company, Decor Solutions, regularly engage in visits to suppliers worldwide.

These trips play a crucial role in enhancing our understanding of the supply chain and associated products. Latvijas Finieris have been manufacturing Birch Plywood products since 1873; and are recognised internationally for their high-quality boards. DHH Panel Products take pride in maintaining a strong working relationship with them for over 30 years.

During our visit staff gained insights into the complete production process. We observed everything from logs arriving from the forest; to the peeling of ply veneers, selection, grading, and the finishing and packaging lines.

One exciting product introduced to our team was the NEW Riga Pattern—a birch throughout plywood overlaid with a durable film. This combines cutting-edge decorative industry techniques with exceptional flexibility. The direct-pressed surfaces allow seamless integration of various textures (leather, rock, and slatewood) and colours.

Additionally, we visited the Betulin Laboratory, an innovative facility that utilises by-products from the plywood process for pharmaceutical purposes. Birch bark extract finds extensive applications in pharmacological activities, including anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

Regularly visiting our suppliers allows us to cultivate strong business relationships while ensuring compliance with Health & Safety regulations, the UKTR (UK Timber Regulations) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) guidelines.

Despite ongoing challenges related to conflict wood from sanctioned countries, DHH remains committed to maintaining the integrity of our product origins. Our visits to suppliers serve as a vital assurance of compliance at every level and give us the confidence to sell products that are sustainable, accredited, safe and legal.

A heartfelt thank you to Latvijas Finieris and Riga Wood colleagues for an excellent few days!

Import Update: Continued Crackdowns on Illegal Imports

The European Commission has recently disclosed the findings of its investigation into imports of Russian birch plywood. Shockingly, the evidence indicates that Russian birch plywood is still being imported into the EU market via Kazakhstan and Turkey, therefore bypassing anti-dumping duties.

Given that Russian wood products are also subject to sanctions in the EU and the UK, these findings are expected to prompt further action by national authorities and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

This investigation serves as a critical milestone, exposing deceptive practices within the European timber trade. As scrutiny intensifies on Russian birch plywood routed through Kazakhstan and Turkey we should anticipate heightened controls and inspections. The Commission’s findings suggest the possibility of customs fraud and sanction violations by various importers, traders, and users. Anyone purchasing such material should be aware of the potential criminal implications.

For more detailed information, you can refer to this press release published by the Woodstock Consortium, or visit their website.

DHH Panel Products only imports Birch plywood from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Finland so customers can be assured they are making a safe and legal choice on any purchase

Product Feature: Panguaneta Birch-Faced Poplar Plywood

When it comes to selecting plywood for woodworking projects, making an informed decision is crucial. Birch Plywood is still a great choice for many, and is still widely available in the UK.  For almost 35 years, DHH has maintained strong relationships with suppliers across Europe – including Latvia, Poland, Estonia, and Finland.

DHH are constantly asked for B/BB Birch plywood, traditionally sourced from Russia and now illegal to import due to sanctions imposed in April 2022. As a responsible supplier, DHH Panel Products are committed to complying with the Responsible Purchasing Policy; and therefore only purchase products from legal and sustainable sources.

In order to continue to supply the gap created by the sanctions, DHH can offer customers a viable alternative. We offer customers’ our Panguaneta B/BB rotary cut Birch or Maple faced Poplar Plywood with a one piece face veneer. These products are great for customers that need a decorative, defect free face for their projects when BB/BB Birch faces are not quite good enough. These faces can be lacquered and coated in a similar way to B faced Birch and are a great alternative when seeking the same look.

This product really stands out as a safe and legal choice. Panguaneta Plywood , like DHH, have created a robust ‘Due Diligence System’ which enables them to closely monitor the forest of origin of the logs used to create these high quality veneers. Panguaneta Plywood and DHH work closely together to ensure the products are meeting the guidelines set out under EUTR and UKTR. Unfortunately, some companies still appear to risk prosecution by importing illegal products with B/BB faces from China and other countries where birch is not harvested. These products are most likely using Russian logs, and therefore are not a safe and legal choice.

For many specifiers and designers that were looking for B/BB or S+/BB Birch Plywood, Birch and Maple B/BB faced products are becoming the ‘Go-To’.

The Poplar species itself is a fast-growing species and has been developed for the plywood industry. It is grown in Northern Italy along the banks of the River Po. This means the Poplar Trees play a vital role in safe-guarding the natural habitats biodiversity. Panguaneta’s commitment to sustainability is evident through its EPD® certification. Its Birch and Maple Faced Plywood is PEFC™ certified. With an ultra-low emitting formaldehyde (ULEF) glue bond means it meets stringent environmental standards.

The outer faces feature quality decorative Birch veneers with aesthetic appeal that allows for a clearer B face with BB reverse. One of the other big positives for the panels is they have a void-free core that is also available in multi veneer, so has an identical core make up to Birch plywood in ply numbers, so the plywood edge can also be revealed in the same way. These lightweight panels also have a glue bond which is ideal for laser cutting and have a stable moisture content between 8 and 13% which aids flatness.

The B/BB Birch faced plywood as well as the poplar throughout plywood is a highly stable panel with multi-veneered lightweight construction making it suitable and durable for many applications; from furniture production, to fit outs as well as general joinery projects. The lightweight feature of this panel makes it easy to carry and transport. This has made it a hit with the automotive, caravan, boat/yacht building industries where weight is a major consideration. The thinner panel is also popular with the craft industry who often require 3, 4 or 6mm laser plywood.

In summary, these B/BB Poplar core boards are lightweight, have a void free, multi veneer core and are ultimately a safe and legal choice for decorative faces.

Want to find out more about other Panguaneta Products? Visit the Panguaneta Website

Product Feature: Beech-Faced Eucalyptus Plywood

DHH Panel Products are pleased to introduce what could be the best Birch plywood alternative to reach the UK market in 2023, which certainly complements our existing range of high-quality European birch plywood products. 

The latest addition is “Beech Pro”, an innovative Steamed Beech-Faced, Eucalyptus Grandis core plywood, that stands as a versatile and sustainable alternative to Russian Birch Plywood across various applications.  With 1mm B/BB graded veneer faces, paired with a machine jointed core, this plywood mirrors both the aesthetic and structural qualities of Birch Plywood in many ways.

Derived from sustainably managed forests in Uruguay, South America, with Beech face veneers from Europe, “Beech Pro” offers the strength and quality characteristics, paired with a commitment to responsible sourcing, to satisfy most specifications and sustainability requirements.


>> Exceptional Core Construction

The core of Beech Pro is constructed with solid faced machine jointed Uruguayan Eucalyptus veneers, which eliminates core gaps and minimises overlaps. The attention to detail in full core construction, with 18mm having full 13-plies, makes Beech Pro an outstanding panel with exceptional strength, screw fixing and machinability. Coupled with core aesthetics, this makes the panel usable for all high level joinery applications where the panel edge is revealed.


>> Machinability

We’ve been running extensive trials before bringing this product to the UK market, and have seen high performance levels across all applications. From basic cutting, laminating, CNC processing to lacquering – this product has demonstrated it is easily machinable; adaptable, and is suitable for almost all types of high-end joinery with its quality 1mm face veneers. This plywood also offers exceptional screw-holding and strength; due to the specie combination and its technical multi-laminated core.



>> Defect-Free Steamed Beech Face Veneers

With clear one piece veneers, the 1mm Steamed Beech faces can be re-worked and finished to a high standard, whether lacquered, oil or paint coated. Having already been calibrated and sanded to a smooth finished face, the panel is ideal for joinery or fit-out work where both face and edges are going to be visible and revealed.


>> Rigorously Tested & Certified

From a structural perspective, “Beech Pro” is CE2+ certified, making it suitable for load-bearing applications. The credentials are further reinforced by the product’s UKCA Certification and endorsement from third-party testing, BM Trada Q Mark, for thicknesses of 9mm and above.


>> Endorsements from Satisfied Customers

DHH Panel Products has received acknowledgement from a diverse range of customers; furniture manufacturers have lauded Beech Pro for its strength in framing applications, while others have found it to be an exceptional product for laminating and even clear lacquering. Many have commended its cost-effectiveness, recognising it as a perfect utility panel alternative to birch plywood.


>> Championing Sustainability & Compliance

At DHH Panel Products, sustainability is at the heart of our values. Beech Pro proudly carries 100% FSC® Certification, a testament to its compliance with responsible forestry practices and has full UKTR supply chain documentation. Additionally, it has an E1 Formaldehyde Rating, symbolising low emissions and environmental credentials.


>> Machinability Continued Commitment to Excellence

DHH Panel Products continues to be one of the leading experts in Birch Plywood and innovative alternatives like “Beech Pro”. This sustainable, high-quality product opens up new possibilities for designers and manufacturers alike, reaffirming our commitment to delivering excellence in panel solutions while championing sustainability and responsible sourcing.

“Beech Pro” offers customers flexibility in terms of size and thickness, available in panel sizes of 2440mm x 1220mm or 3050mm x 1220mm, with thickness options ranging from 3.6mm (3ply) to 25mm (15ply).

Interested to learn more about this product? Give our experienced team a call on 01708 864245.  We’re also available via email at or keep up to date on product news by following our various social media platforms.

Case Study: ‘The Riwaq’ Okoume Pavilion

The Riwaq Pavilion was an extraordinary Islamic-inspired exterior building; manufactured from plywood supplied by DHH Panel Products. This unique structure was designed to be used as a temporary community arts space at last years’ Brighton Festival; and stood on Hove’s picturesque seafront for a whole month in May.

This impressive structure is the brainchild of Syrian-born architects Marwa Al-Sabouni and Ghassan Jansiz; who wanted to bring a little taste of the Middle East to the festival. Riwaq means ‘Colonnade’ in Arabic, and these types of structure have been commonly used for centuries in Islamic architecture; and in garden design to partition internal and exterior areas of a space.

DHH Panel Products supplied Okoume Marine Plywood for this project, which was used entirely to construct the arches, floor and supporting columns of the structure. The water-resistant and load bearing properties of Okoume mean that this plywood is ideally suited for exterior use as garden buildings and structures, when correctly treated.

A detailed of the Riwaq's roof, from within in inside of the structure. There are curved supporting beams that are holding up the roof of the structure.

Okoume is additionally very easy to machine, and the exotic hardwood face is a very good visual substitute for the tree species that would have been used in drier, more arid areas of the Middle East in traditional Riwaq construction. In more humid conditions though such as the UK though, a moisture-resistant panel needed to be specified instead.

The curvature and elegance of the Riwaq was achieved using CNC routing techniques, which helped create a very precise and geometrically symmetrical design. It was also used to ‘etch’ traditional decorative designs into the columns and arches of the Riwaq to give it a traditional Islamic appearance.

A close-up of the wall panelling used to create the Riwaq. Arabic-inspired etchings can be seen at the top of the Riwaq's archways.

The structure was created ‘flat-pack’ so that it could be easily transported and assembled by a small team of people on-site at the festival. During the festival, the Riwaq hosted a range of cultural events to celebrate the diversity of Brighton and to bring communities closer together.

More information about the Riwaq can be found on Brighton Festival website; along with a time-lapse video that shows the structure being assembled. All of the above photos of the Riwaq were taken by Jim Stephenson.

DHH: A TTJ Awards 2023 Finalist!

DHH Panel Products was recently shortlisted for the ‘Excellence in Marketing’ award at the national Timber Trades Journal Awards.

We were considered for this years’ award due to the work we did in our recent rebrand; including our new website, literature and product ranges for 2023. This years’ award ceremony took place on the 15th September 2023 at the Hilton London Bankside, and we were thrilled to be in attendance.

But in the end, it was not to be, DHH were up against some very worthy competition; but are still very humbled to have been considered for such an illustrious award in the first place.

We’d like to thank the Timber Trades Journal for the opportunity, and for hosting an excellent awards ceremony. We’d also like to congratulate all of the organisations and individuals who won a well-deserved award – very well done!

Product Feature: Douglas Fir Plywood

Canadian Clear-Faced Douglas Fir is a decorative plywood that’s full of character and flair. Its matured, sophisticated face; combined with wild orange hue; gives the panel an unmistakable grain uniqueness that is hard to replicate…

DHH Panel Products – widely known for its Birch Plywood expertise – are exclusive importers of Clear-Faced Douglas Fir Plywood within the UK. The unique Douglas Fir face veneer has a rich, complex variety in the heartwood; which ranges from warm yellow to dark brown. This is accompanied by a darker grain banding that gives the face its’ recognisable distinct appearance, and a light yellow sapwood that completes the look. You can also enhance the face further by using clear lacquers and oils to suit your individual preference.

This product, however, isn’t just a pretty face – The strength and versatility of the panel makes it suitable for structural and exterior conditions too. Douglas Fir is CE marked to EN:13896/EN:636-3 standards; and the plies are individually bonded with a Class 3 EN:314 waterproof phenolic resin; meaning that the edges of the ply can remain exposed (when treated) without compromising the overall integrity of the panel. The product also has a E1 formaldehyde rating.

Direct from the forests of British Columbia…

Douglas Fir Plywood is produced by Richmond Plywood and sourced from PEFC™ certified forests that are situated on the banks of Canada’s iconic Fraser River in British Columbia (BC). The forest gives Canadian Douglas Fir a very specific exposure to summer and winter suns; meaning that the heartwood can become more or less pronounced depending on what season the tree is felled.

The logs travel via river to the processing plant (pictured above), where great care is taken to peel high grade, one-piece rotary cut veneers that preserves the characteristic face. This unique, distinctive face is sought the world over for its warmth & vibrancy; and over 480,000 cubic meters of Douglas Fir Plywood is produced each year for global distribution.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Douglas Fir Plywood has started to gain itself a reputation within the UK, with many large commercial builds/brands and smaller projects specifying this remarkable product…

Douglas Fir Plywood was used as wall and ceiling panels within the iconic Colyer-Fergusson Building at the University of Kent. Tim Ronalds Architects chose Douglas Fir for its colour, vitality – and also its acoustic ability to reverberate sound around the large concert hall. This project went on to win both a RIBA award and a national Wood Award.

Levi Jeans have recently used Douglas Fir Plywood too, as part of a refurbishment of its flagship Covent Garden & other  UK stores. The warm face of the panel is greatly enhanced when lightly lacquered; and was used to create wall panels, shelving units and point of sale display stands around sections of the store. Malin+Goetz have also used Douglas Fir Plywood as part of a refurbishment of their shop in Islington. Architect Jonathan Tuckey designed the fit-out to create cabinets, shelving and point-of-sale units (main feature photo). The ‘Solid Core’ raw plywood edge was intentionally kept exposed, to exhibit a more natural effect and add character to the finished appearance.

Douglas Fir Plywood is also financially viable for smaller projects – A smaller London-based design studio has previously used Douglas Fir Plywood to design a residential kitchen (pictured above). The panel was treated with a natural oil to darken the grain and emphasise the detail of the veins, before being used to create cabinets and a central kitchen island.

The design possibilities of Douglas Fir Plywood are endless; and the panel can be used for a wide range of end applications – including fit out, wall lining & joinery projects, furniture manufacture and for structural uses.

Want to know more?

DHH Panel Products, alongside its sister company Decor Solutions; hold an exclusive stock range of Clear Faced Douglas Fir Plywood for use within the UK & Europe. The panel is available ex-stock in a stock size of 2440mm x 1220mm, and in five thicknesses between 11mm and 24mm . The distinctive face can be supplied on either one or two sides of the panel; with either a solid or softwood core.

For more information about Douglas Fir Plywood, please do not hesitate our dedicated Douglas Fir Plywood page. You can also call the team on 01708 864245 or send an email to

Case Study: A Rather Royal Viewing…

The RHS Resilient Garden is a bold ‘concept vision’ that hopes to change the way in which gardens are landscaped in future; in order to help combat and avert climate change. The project was showcased at the Royal Hampton Court Palace Garden Show using products supplied by DHH Panel Products –  and is a visual representation based upon the well-known book of the same name.  

The space was designed by Tom Massey; and helps illustrate how green spaces could be better designed in the future to make them more resilient and adaptable to a warming climate. Features include an innovative irrigation system that prevents flooding by capturing rainwater; and a ‘Food Forest’ growing area that works alongside the ecosystems and wildlife occupying the space.

A central pre-fabricated timber building is one of the main centrepieces of the garden; designed to be both sustainable and environmentally-friendly in its construction and use. The concept of this structure was realised by My Room in the Garden, and uses a range of sustainable wood-based panel products.

We donated an ensemble of decorative and structural products to this ambitious project, including Eucalyptus Plywood and Okoume Marine Plywood. Both of these panels are great alternatives to Birch Plywood, and are widely specified for their excellent moisture-resistant and weatherproofing properties. We also supplied Smartply OSB3 products, which were used to build the initial frame of the structure.

The interior walls, roof struts and shelving were all created using either Eucalyptus or Okoume Plywood panels, alongside providing some of the weight-loading structure. These products were chosen specially for their natural decorative faces and calm, relaxing aesthetic when used in minimalist spaces.

More information on the garden can be found on the Royal Horticultural Society Website.