Product Feature: Beech-Faced Eucalyptus Plywood

DHH Panel Products are pleased to introduce what could be the best Birch plywood alternative to reach the UK market in 2023, which certainly complements our existing range of high-quality European birch plywood products. 

The latest addition is “Beech Pro”, an innovative Steamed Beech-Faced, Eucalyptus Grandis core plywood, that stands as a versatile and sustainable alternative to Russian Birch Plywood across various applications.  With 1mm B/BB graded veneer faces, paired with a machine jointed core, this plywood mirrors both the aesthetic and structural qualities of Birch Plywood in many ways.

Derived from sustainably managed forests in Uruguay, South America, with Beech face veneers from Europe, “Beech Pro” offers the strength and quality characteristics, paired with a commitment to responsible sourcing, to satisfy most specifications and sustainability requirements.


>> Exceptional Core Construction

The core of Beech Pro is constructed with solid faced machine jointed Uruguayan Eucalyptus veneers, which eliminates core gaps and minimises overlaps. The attention to detail in full core construction, with 18mm having full 13-plies, makes Beech Pro an outstanding panel with exceptional strength, screw fixing and machinability. Coupled with core aesthetics, this makes the panel usable for all high level joinery applications where the panel edge is revealed.


>> Machinability

We’ve been running extensive trials before bringing this product to the UK market, and have seen high performance levels across all applications. From basic cutting, laminating, CNC processing to lacquering – this product has demonstrated it is easily machinable; adaptable, and is suitable for almost all types of high-end joinery with its quality 1mm face veneers. This plywood also offers exceptional screw-holding and strength; due to the specie combination and its technical multi-laminated core.



>> Defect-Free Steamed Beech Face Veneers

With clear one piece veneers, the 1mm Steamed Beech faces can be re-worked and finished to a high standard, whether lacquered, oil or paint coated. Having already been calibrated and sanded to a smooth finished face, the panel is ideal for joinery or fit-out work where both face and edges are going to be visible and revealed.


>> Rigorously Tested & Certified

From a structural perspective, “Beech Pro” is CE2+ certified, making it suitable for load-bearing applications. The credentials are further reinforced by the product’s UKCA Certification and endorsement from third-party testing, BM Trada Q Mark, for thicknesses of 9mm and above.


>> Endorsements from Satisfied Customers

DHH Panel Products has received acknowledgement from a diverse range of customers; furniture manufacturers have lauded Beech Pro for its strength in framing applications, while others have found it to be an exceptional product for laminating and even clear lacquering. Many have commended its cost-effectiveness, recognising it as a perfect utility panel alternative to birch plywood.


>> Championing Sustainability & Compliance

At DHH Panel Products, sustainability is at the heart of our values. Beech Pro proudly carries 100% FSC® Certification, a testament to its compliance with responsible forestry practices and has full UKTR supply chain documentation. Additionally, it has an E1 Formaldehyde Rating, symbolising low emissions and environmental credentials.


>> Machinability Continued Commitment to Excellence

DHH Panel Products continues to be one of the leading experts in Birch Plywood and innovative alternatives like “Beech Pro”. This sustainable, high-quality product opens up new possibilities for designers and manufacturers alike, reaffirming our commitment to delivering excellence in panel solutions while championing sustainability and responsible sourcing.

“Beech Pro” offers customers flexibility in terms of size and thickness, available in panel sizes of 2440mm x 1220mm or 3050mm x 1220mm, with thickness options ranging from 3.6mm (3ply) to 25mm (15ply).

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