Product Feature: Douglas Fir Plywood

Canadian Clear-Faced Douglas Fir is a decorative plywood that’s full of character and flair. Its matured, sophisticated face; combined with wild orange hue; gives the panel an unmistakable grain uniqueness that is hard to replicate…

DHH Panel Products – widely known for its Birch Plywood expertise – are exclusive importers of Clear-Faced Douglas Fir Plywood within the UK. The unique Douglas Fir face veneer has a rich, complex variety in the heartwood; which ranges from warm yellow to dark brown. This is accompanied by a darker grain banding that gives the face its’ recognisable distinct appearance, and a light yellow sapwood that completes the look. You can also enhance the face further by using clear lacquers and oils to suit your individual preference.

This product, however, isn’t just a pretty face – The strength and versatility of the panel makes it suitable for structural and exterior conditions too. Douglas Fir is CE marked to EN:13896/EN:636-3 standards; and the plies are individually bonded with a Class 3 EN:314 waterproof phenolic resin; meaning that the edges of the ply can remain exposed (when treated) without compromising the overall integrity of the panel. The product also has a E1 formaldehyde rating.

Direct from the forests of British Columbia…

Douglas Fir Plywood is produced by Richmond Plywood and sourced from PEFC™ certified forests that are situated on the banks of Canada’s iconic Fraser River in British Columbia (BC). The forest gives Canadian Douglas Fir a very specific exposure to summer and winter suns; meaning that the heartwood can become more or less pronounced depending on what season the tree is felled.

The logs travel via river to the processing plant (pictured above), where great care is taken to peel high grade, one-piece rotary cut veneers that preserves the characteristic face. This unique, distinctive face is sought the world over for its warmth & vibrancy; and over 480,000 cubic meters of Douglas Fir Plywood is produced each year for global distribution.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Douglas Fir Plywood has started to gain itself a reputation within the UK, with many large commercial builds/brands and smaller projects specifying this remarkable product…

Douglas Fir Plywood was used as wall and ceiling panels within the iconic Colyer-Fergusson Building at the University of Kent. Tim Ronalds Architects chose Douglas Fir for its colour, vitality – and also its acoustic ability to reverberate sound around the large concert hall. This project went on to win both a RIBA award and a national Wood Award.

Levi Jeans have recently used Douglas Fir Plywood too, as part of a refurbishment of its flagship Covent Garden & other  UK stores. The warm face of the panel is greatly enhanced when lightly lacquered; and was used to create wall panels, shelving units and point of sale display stands around sections of the store. Malin+Goetz have also used Douglas Fir Plywood as part of a refurbishment of their shop in Islington. Architect Jonathan Tuckey designed the fit-out to create cabinets, shelving and point-of-sale units (main feature photo). The ‘Solid Core’ raw plywood edge was intentionally kept exposed, to exhibit a more natural effect and add character to the finished appearance.

Douglas Fir Plywood is also financially viable for smaller projects – A smaller London-based design studio has previously used Douglas Fir Plywood to design a residential kitchen (pictured above). The panel was treated with a natural oil to darken the grain and emphasise the detail of the veins, before being used to create cabinets and a central kitchen island.

The design possibilities of Douglas Fir Plywood are endless; and the panel can be used for a wide range of end applications – including fit out, wall lining & joinery projects, furniture manufacture and for structural uses.

Want to know more?

DHH Panel Products, alongside its sister company Decor Solutions; hold an exclusive stock range of Clear Faced Douglas Fir Plywood for use within the UK & Europe. The panel is available ex-stock in a stock size of 2440mm x 1220mm, and in five thicknesses between 11mm and 24mm . The distinctive face can be supplied on either one or two sides of the panel; with either a solid or softwood core.

For more information about Douglas Fir Plywood, please do not hesitate our dedicated Douglas Fir Plywood page. You can also call the team on 01708 864245 or send an email to