Case Study: Worldscape Installation

The ‘Worldscape’ is a temporary installation that was originally exhibited at the London Olympic Games in 2012. This colossal ‘table of the world’ was constructed entirely of timber, and provided a unique dining space for up to 80 visiting dignitaries each night at Stratford’s Old Town Hall.

DHH Panel Products supplied White Riga Melamine and BB/BB grade Latvian Birch Plywood for this project, which was chosen for its strength and easy machinability. This product was used to create the whole entirety of the table, including the elevated elements – which are geographically correct, according to NASA’s Equidistant Cylindrical map of the world.

The installation is made up of thousands of intricately-cut Birch Plywood pieces, all arranged to show the precise elevation of entire continents across the world. The highest points of the table (e.g. Mount Everest) are 2.1 metres from the ground, making this table the tallest-known table in the world!

The Worldscape Installation was the brainchild of Atmos Studio. It went on to win a UK Wood Award, and was used by over 1,500 visitors over the course of the Olympics. After London 2012, the installation was dismantled and has since been showcased at the London Business Centre; the Timber Expo in Birmingham; and the 100% Design Show.