We’ve rebranded to DHH Panel Products!

DHH Panel Products is excited to announce its rebranding and the launch of its new site, www.dhhpanelproducts.co.uk. Founded over 30 years ago by David Francis and Derek Fletcher, DHH has evolved into a highly respected company that offers an extensive range of high-quality panel products.

The rebranding from DHH Timber to DHH Panel Products signifies a milestone for the company. With the next generation taking the helm – Ben Francis (pictured) as Managing Director; and the late Derek Fletcher’s daughters taking key roles within the organisation – they felt it was the perfect time for a fresh identity that accurately reflects the core business.

The new name, DHH Panel Products, reinforces the company’s commitment to provide an extensive range of raw, phenolic, lacquered and veneered panel products. While Birch plywood remains a specialty, the company has expanded its offerings to include other quality plywood products, such as Italian Poplar, Douglas Fir, Eucalyptus and Okoume cores.

As an independent, family-run company, DHH Panel Products is unburdened by large corporate structure, retaining flexibility and commercialism. With vast stocks conveniently located on quay sides across the UK, the company ensures a quick and reliable delivery service across its extensive product range.

Amidst the changing global timber landscape, where the risks of illegally-sourced products and “conflict wood” entering the UK persist, DHH Panel Products reaffirms its commitment to being the safe and legal choice for customers. For decades, DHH has built strong relationships with mills across the world  ensuring that all products are legally-sourced, safe to use, and do not contribute to illegal forestry practices. It is more important than ever to focus on sustainability, and as a TDUK member, this is a big part of the message with the rebrand.

DHH Panel Products has embraced digital marketing strategies, leveraging e-marketing and social media platforms to effectively communicate its message. The centrepiece of its online presence is the newly launched website, www.dhhpanelproducts.co.uk. The website offers technical product pages, information on product gradings, and access to datasheets and certificates.

Moreover, the website features a user-friendly Product Finder tool, enabling visitors to match their specific product requirements with suitable options from DHH Panel Products’ stock range. A dedicated Downloads section is also available, facilitating easy access to product brochures, DoP’s and supportive technical information. This section not only provides essential information for customers but also showcases DHH Panel Products’ own environmental certificates and accreditations, including FSC/PEFC chain of command and TDUK company membership.

Additionally, the website incorporates a News section, featuring regular content updates about upcoming products and engaging guest-feature stories by DHH Panel Products’ staff and industry leaders. The company recognises the importance of maintaining a strong digital presence in today’s era, and the new website serves as a hub for information, innovation, and industry insights.

Throughout its rebranding journey, DHH Panel Products remains committed to its core values. As a family business, it places great importance on fostering long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and in providing genuine assistance to finding the most suitable products, whether it be Birch plywood or any other item from its diverse range.