The Future of Panel Products?

Did you know that SAIB – one of Italy’s leading chipboard manufacturers – uses recycled wood in its production lines? Is ‘recycled wood’ the future of wood panel products?

SAIB are a family-owned company that produces both raw & melamine faced chipboard from their factory just south of Milan. Over 2 million individual chipboard panels are produced every year, largely from pre-loved wood that’s been sourced from recycling centres across Italy.

The company was founded in 1962, and wanted to create a wood panel product that reused materials leftover from general woodworking in a way that reduced wastage and benefited the environment. They call this process ‘Rewood’. SAIB are one of a few limited European manufacturers to actively use 100% recycled wood within their manufacturing process. The company sees wood waste as a very valuable resource, and proactively uses it within their production…

– Over 150 truckloads of pre-used wood is delivered to Saib every day for recycling and reprocessing into new chipboard products. This equates to over 490,000 tonnes of wood waste every year.

– Over 6 million trees worth of wood are sent to landfill in Europe each year, and the ‘Rewood’ approach of wood recycling prevents a further 750,000 trees from needing to be felled.

Fundamentally, this approach means that Saib doesn’t just offer sustainability benefits to manufacturers and end users, but the whole planet benefits too – less deforestation; healthier forest ecosystems, and more trees left standing to remove carbon from the atmosphere. After all, why stop at carbon neutrality when you can become carbon negative?

Want to find out more about Saib & their Rewood mission? Click here to head through to their website and discover more about their approach to using recycled wood into the future.